Duh Pinning! – Week 1

SO if you know me you also know that I am a Pinterest lover and that I love having millions tabs up of all the things I want to pin. So I decided that each Friday I am going to upload my favorite pins from the week. So leggo…



Source: None via Blaine on Pinterest




Source: ana-white.com via Blaine on Pinterest



Source: roomzaar.com via Blaine on Pinterest

1. This little boy brings chills to my soul and it isn’t a bad thing. His eyes capture me. This picture really is worth 1000 words.
2. I love this setup for a wedding. Blue and yellow will probably be my colors and this table is beautiful.
3. I a. love the colors of this room and b. love the frames setup on the wall.
4. Since I’m going to be a teacher I love to look at stuff I could use in my future classroom. These are packets made up for new students so when they arrive you don’t have to scramble around to find papers from the beginning of the year.
5. I love this prayer board. I am making one similar to it and I really want to hang it at Jake’s house so all the boys and I can hang our prayer requests on it.
6. I love pallets and they are always in abundance at the hardware store so one day I really want to decorate with them in my future home.
7. This is a great verse and I love the way it is presented.
8. I want these peanut butter and chocolate balls so bad. I could probably eat a million of them.
9. This bathroom is beautiful. I love the chandelier and bathtub curtains. I would probably spend a lot of time just hanging out in the bathroom…
10. This popcorn looks delightfully terrible for you.

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I'm Blaine. A Jesus lover, wife, and wannabe crafter. I love beards, books, and the Braves. Welcome to my world on my corner of the couch!

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